The Platform

The StoryBase platform is the foundation of all our take-home kit / craft. It is a 10x10 (studs) octagon that serve as the stage and summary for the day’s lesson. Just like a story book, the StoryBase platform function as the page and paper for the story. We chose to develop our small take-home kit on this platform for several reasons:

  1. The platform can be easily connected together to string together the many lessons and stories to further reinforce the grand story of the whole Bible.

  2. The platform is a part of our mission and toolkit to inspire kids to use LEGO® blocks to share and tell God’s redemptive story with others.

  3. The platform is a great way to display what they learn and can be easily dismantled and reassembled. Printed instruction is provided with each take-home kit.


The [My Own Creation] is designed from ground up with varying levels of difficulties. The techniques used are not always 'official' but can open doors to new ways of thinking especially when building smaller formats.  Parts are sourced from local LEGO® store as well as The goal is to source primary from the local pick-a-brick wall as this will keep each lesson's MOC 'fresh' and new.  Printed instructions are provided with each kit.