Here are some downloadable ideas and LEGO® instructions to help you make the most of your children's ministry and family play times. 

Noah's Ark

Follow the story of Noah and learn how we can live by faith even when those around us chooses not to. (Parts not included)

Christmas: The Gift of Jesus Christ

Christmas is a great time to share the good news of Jesus Christ, the most precious gift from God. Here is a great family and fellowship craft as you talk about the gift of Jesus Christ with this Christmas ornament kit. (Parts not included)


Running the Race!

A simple and fun lesson from the book of Hebrews that teaches kids to run the race with endurance! (Parts not included)

Coloring Page: The Cross

Good Friday activity to talk about why Jesus had to die.

Ships & Glory: Battleship Tabletop Game

Have you ever wanted to build a fleet of spaceships and battle it out in a fun tabletop game? Ships & Glory is the game for you! Free game rules and instructions! Age 8+. 

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