Learnings from the first workshop

Today marked the first ever workshop completed here at The Good Brick and it's a huge milestone for me as I was able to experience the lesson plan unfold - to see what worked and what needed adjustments, but one thing was for sure: this was a lot of fun. So what are the top 3 things I learned through the first workshop?

  1. 2 hours is fun, 1.5 hours is perfect. While we can play for hours and hours, the effective learning and playing time in the context of a workshop is around 1.5 hours. A half day / full day camp curriculum will need to have a more flowing up & down time in terms of rhythms. 
  2. Always strive for a healthy tension between playing & teaching. In developing the lesson plans that utilize toys as its medium, there will, inevitably, be a tension between playing & teaching. With each activity there is always a prioritization of teaching or playing, they are not mutually exclusive, but they are prioritized. These tension are driven not just by design but also by expectations from kids and parents. By learning to embrace these tensions, instead of a half-hazard, rigid resolution, we can be more fluid in how we teach and play at the same time. 
  3. Kids love bricks with eyes, aka part#98138pb007! If you see them at the Pick-A-Brick wall, grab a hand full of them! They can be great on anything!!