Discover a unique expression

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We all like to teach kids to follow instructions. Step by step we want them to learn this important life skill early on in their childhood so they can be successful in their future endeavours. LEGO® provides a constructive and fun way to teach kids to do that. As kids learned to follow building instructions, they experienced how each steps translate into the final, prescribed product. But once they have learned the instructions; the various building techniques, it is also important to extend their learnings to expressions. An expression that is visual, personal, and reinterpreted. 

This summer while I was in Ukraine for short-term mission, we brought 300 sets of a simple 9-piece car. The car was part of a craft station that teaches kids to Move to Care. The first half of the lesson consist of a summary of the story of the 4 friends who was "moved to care" for their lame friend and brought him to Jesus by digging a hole on the roof and lowering him down. We gave verbal instructions and a final product example as to how to build the car one piece at a time. Once they had finished the build we extended the lesson to expressions by asking them how each of them can care for others. The point is that everyone can care for others in different ways with different strengths. We then ask them to rebuild their cars in different ways, in different formats, with no instructions. Just their own imagination as to how they want their cars to look. Their cars became a personal reminder to care for others. 

One of our hopes with the Take-Home kit at TGB is that parents can extend their child's learning by encouraging them to rebuild (and add to) the kit with their own personal expression. Whether it's from changing color pieces, to transforming the kit to another object (i.e.: a car to a horse?), we hope this will help our parents in having more quality brick-building time with your kids.