What are we working on?

The first 2 workshops held last month and earlier this month gave us some insights and directions as to what we need to work on. Here are some work-in-progress:

1. We are adding a few more things to the take-home kit to help kids and parents remember the key points. You will see the changes in the building instruction sheets starting with the coming workshops!

2. Finalizing the next take-home MOC for the Creation workshops! All the pieces are being shipped to us now!

3. Starting to look at how we can build and publish a comprehensive curriculum for children ministries and VBS. This is probably the more exciting (and demanding) part of our endeavour as we look at how we can make content and curriculum available to others. 

4. Designing workshops around animations and digital design with LEGO. Having been an art director & motion designer for the past 17+ years it just make sense to leverage some of my skill sets with the workshops. Whether it is stop-motion animations or creating MOC instructions I hope to add more value and fun through different creative outlets. 

If you have any comments and suggestions! Please do sent us a email

Have a great fall season!