The Good Brick workshops and resources let's your child discover and experience biblical truth through innovative LEGO® play.




Create. Teach. Play. Share.

To create a fun and hands-on learning experience.

To teach Biblical truths and instill Godly characters.

To inspire creativity and discovery through play.

To encourage sharing and applications of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Dear Parents,

Hi, my name is Calvin. I am the founder and facilitator of this adventure! I am a pastor's kid, husband to a children ministry director, seminary studentmotion designershort-term & long-term mission supporter, and AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). But above all, I love Jesus, the Scripture, and the Church. The Good Brick is the culmination of all these things. It is the product of my love for missions, children ministries, creativity, LEGO®, and teaching. It is my passion, my dream, and my vision. 
So what exactly is The Good Brick? Is it Sunday School or just 'play' time? My answer is both. It is learning and connecting to our God who made 'play', through [directed] play. Often time we forget our abilities to have fun and play is from Him, we forget playing can also be a way to relate to Him and to share about Him.
I can go on and on about how I got here, but I am sure you have questions about the curriculum, maybe my experiences, my favourite authorsflickr feed, if I've been to the Orange conference ("Yes"), if I'm funny ("Some say..."), if I like vegetables ("NO"), etc, etc. Please do fire me an email or catch me at my church. I look forward to telling you how awesome Jesus is. 
In Christ,
Calvin Sun