Key Verse: Isaiah 9:6

For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


As children settle into the classroom begin with an icebreaker game:

Relay Build: The Tall Christmas Tree

  1. Start off with a base plate and a brown brick as the bottom of the tree.Q

  2. Each child takes turn as they pick a piece to build on the Christmas tree. The piece they pick must be:

    1. The same number of studs as the last brick on the tree OR

    2. The same color as the last brick on the tree.

  3. Build ends when either time limit reach or a child ran out of bricks to put on.

1. Introduction

Christmas is coming soon! What’s something you look forward to during Christmas?


Option A:

Can you guys build me a gift box? What does a gift look like usually?

* Let them build it

Option B:

What is something you are wishing for this year?

* Let them build it


What would you feel if you receive this gift?

How long does this feeling last? Will you get bored of it?

2. The Gift

Everyone loves gifts. We love receiving them and seeing the surprise underneath the wrapping paper.  We love giving them and seeing the surprise of the person opening their gift.

But have you gotten a gift that is so special that no one else can give it, and no one else can make it. Custom made just for you and once you receive it, you can’t lose it.

God knew exactly what you need, what will bring you joy, peace, and eternal life. He knew that if you trust in Him and knew Him, you will find everything you need.

But there is something in us that stopped us from having this relationship with Him.

It is called sin.

And sin causes us to hurt others, to be selfish and disobedient. Sin pains God because it separates us from Him.

So God send us a gift. A gift no one else can give. A gift that will bring us back to Him. Back to His joy, peace, and life.

The gift is named Jesus and He is the Son of God, the only one that can wash our sin away.

This gift cost Jesus His life, but He knows we are worth it, because He loves us more than anyone can in this world.

Christmas is a reminder of this special gift and a celebration because of this gift.  Let’s receive this gift with joy and tell others about this wonderful gift. A gift that came as a baby on Christmas eve, whose name is Jesus Christ.

* Give timed warnings along the way (i.e. 5 min. warning, 1 min, warning). When time is up, have children put all the leftover pieces on the table back into the case before proceeding to the “test range”.

3. Take Home: The Ornament

4. Clean-up

Have children clean up and put back any left over pieces from today's lesson.


  • Ornament requires 56 pieces

  • A bucket of bricks for the warm-up activity

  • Bible(s)