Building On Hope: Lessons from the book of Job

Building on Hope is a set of lessons or play experiences outlining four themes found throughout the book of Job for use as a family or within children’s ministry. These themes explore God’s justice, God’s wisdom, God’s presence, and God’s comfort as building blocks for hope in times of trouble. The play theme for the curriculum uses LEGO to connect the narrative across the four lessons. Each session consists of a playtime where the child creates a "room"/scene related to the lesson, and with each successive lesson the rooms are stacked and added on top of one another. At the end of the four lessons, the child will have completed a four story high building which provide an object lesson on how we can build our hope in God when we face suffering and hurt.

Lesson Outline #2 God's Wisdom

Key Point / Topic:

When we don’t know why we are suffering.

Key Verses:

“God alone understands the way to wisdom;
he knows where it can be found,
for he looks throughout the whole earth
and sees everything under the heavens.
He decided how hard the winds should blow
and how much rain should fall.
He made the laws for the rain
and laid out a path for the lightning.
Then he saw wisdom and evaluated it.
He set it in place and examined it thoroughly.
And this is what he says to all humanity:

‘The fear of the Lord is true wisdom;
to forsake evil is real understanding. ”
- Job 28:23-28 NLT

For Parents & Teachers

Chapter 28 of Job comes in the midst of his suffering and scrutiny by his friends. One can wonder the number of times he may have asked the heaven the question of why. Why did his children die? Why did he lose everything? What did he do wrong? Why are his so called friends accusing him of things he didn't do? Why can't they shut up? Why is God silent? As Job considered the ‘why' in his present circumstances, he realised the answer is not in understanding God's justice as some rigid formula, but that God's wisdom and reasoning are beyond human understanding. This is why Job saw God's wisdom as precious minerals hidden deep beyond any mines, and it is more precious than any ‘gold or crystal'. In the end, Job conceded that such wisdom is only of God, and the wisest thing humanity can learn is to revere the One that holds it. The NIV Application Commentary summarised:

The book [of Job] shifts our attention from the idea that God’s justice (represented in the Retribution Principle) is foundational to the operation of the world to the alternative that God’s wisdom is the more appropriate foundation.

In a time when trouble and suffering can come in a wince, it is important to know that our foundation; of what holds us together, is not found in the whys and why not, but it is our unrelenting hold on a God who loves us and is absolutely trustworthy because of His limitless wisdom.


Job 28 - “Where in the mine is wisdom?”

* Tell a story that mimics the "Where in the world is Waldo?" series, but based on Job 28. End the story with verse 28 where wisdom is found in God and not anywhere else.


As we build the mine, we are reminded that wisdom is more precious than anything in this world (Proverbs 8:11). More importantly, it is not found in this world, but rather in God. When we go through tough times, and we couldn't understand why know that our God holds the answer and the wisest thing we can do is to seek Him in prayers.  

An example of a "room" base

An example of a "room" base

The models shown are for concept only. Actual build and instructions can be simplified for age appropriateness. Add Minifigures for greater effects.

The models shown are for concept only. Actual build and instructions can be simplified for age appropriateness. Add Minifigures for greater effects.


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