Your Sunday School class is a great opportunity to bring a bit of brick fun to your lessons as well as class management. This year I am teaching a Gr.6 group (ORANGE:252Basic) and decided to create a simple, modular, bookmark craft as a positive reinforcement in class participation. The idea is simple: each week if the student has completed their memory verse, shown respect, and participated well, they will receive the next section/pieces to their bookmark. The craft is kept in a ziplock bag that's attached to their binder so they will be remember to bring everything back each week. 

The bookmarks are also personalized as they choose a color tile (2x1) from the supply bag each week. The color combinations are endless and can be themed anyway they want. If you are doing a VBS program (5 days), you can also use the gospel color lesson with this craft by giving out 1 specific color/section a day.


  • Hinge plates: 44301 + 44302
  • Modified Plate: 60478
  • Various colours of 2x1 Tiles
  • Color Felt string / bookmark cord / rubber band / small strings